Video Game Party

Video Game Party - Coins Not Required: Throwing an Arcade Themed Party

video game party

Looking for great teen birthday party ideas? Are you at a total loss? Don't wrack your brain- an arcade themed party might be the best solution you could possibly come up with. Whether you use RockBand or throw a Wii party, you are looking at what might be one of the simplest teenage birthday party ideas ever.

Video Game Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

video game decor

No matter what game or games you choose, your basic décor should be arcade themed. Look for pictures of the old arcade games like PacMan and Asteroids to pin on the wall. Use silver and metallic colored balloons and streamers. Hang up inflatable guitars for RockBand parties or photocopied footprints for Dance Dance Revolution parties.

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Arcade Party Food Suggestions

video game food

Let your imagination run wild here. Serve food that is either shaped or named after the game that you are featuring at this video game party. For instance, you could cut a small triangle out of a pizza and use a pepperoni for an eye and you have PacMan.

Bake a cake that is in the shape of the Mario Brothers. (Or use store bought decorations) Finger foods are going to be appreciated for game time and should include foods that you would find at an arcade. Hang bags of cotton candy and popcorn to serve as both decoration and snacks.

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Arcade Party Host Suggestions

The Host of the arcade party (yourself or the guest of honor) can serve as the MC and keep the game play flowing. Make sure that you are adding witty comments as you introduce each new player. This is not only a great party idea, but a great way for a shy child to meet and make new friends.

Additional Arcade Birthday Party Game Equipment

Birthday Party Game Equipment

With Wii, you can have a selection of games available including tennis, baseball, bowling and others. Make sure that you have quieter games that can be played to settle things down before eating and before the kids are scheduled to leave.

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