Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Little Mermaid Party Ideas - Under the Sea, With Ariel and Prince Eric - Elegant and beautiful, the perfect choice for the sea enchanted little girl in your life.

Here are some little mermaid party ideas to help you get started.

Ariel Birthday Party Ideas

little mermaid costume
little mermaid

Under the sea… oh, what little girl has not dreamt of living under the sea as the beautiful mermaid, Ariel? If you are looking for a fabulous party theme idea for your little sea-princess, this is the perfect idea for you.

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

The trick is to find the most beautiful sea-inspired items that you can and turn your party area into an underwater palace. Make everything elegant, delicate and most of all fit for a mermaid. Consider hiring a hostess who can keep all of the elegance flowing for the entire event.

Start your Ariel birthday party off on the right note with the most delicate, hand lettered invitations that you can find. Specify that you would like the guests to be wearing their finest -either dressy dresses or mermaid costumes, your choice.

Look for themed Ariel party supplies at most party supply stores. The video below presents a great idea for having guests dressed in under the sea and little mermaid costumes to form the party decorations!

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Favors

little mermaid favor

If you are planning to go all out for this party, make sure that this includes the little mermaid party favors. Think about giving each child a beautiful mermaid costume or dress to take home and recreate the magic whenever they want to or something pool related to always remember their ariel birthday party with.

Other ideas could include party bags with candy and little toys, under the sea themed stuffed animals or bath toys or a little mermaid party treat like a cookie or cupcake to be enjoyed at a later date.

Little Mermaid Memorabilia

little mermaid keepsake

Make sure that every little mermaid gets a picture of herself with the little mermaid party hostess to take home. Giving each child her own disposable camera could be another idea, allowing her to capture the moments that are sure to mean the most to her.

Little Mermaid parties are special events, only coming once in a lifetime, so make sure that you do everything that you can to make it as magical as she is.

Ariel Birthday Cake

Ariel Birthday Cake
Ariel Birthday Cake

There are many different ideas that you can use to make an ariel birthday cake. You can purchase an Ariel doll and some plastic under the sea toys from a toy store to put on top of a cake that is all iced in blue. You can purchase under the sea themed candy molds from a crafts store and make the decorative accents such as sea shells in all chocolate to attach to a cake that is already iced.

Another idea is to purchase a Little Mermaid character pan and icing colors kit from a crafts store and follow the directions. This method is what I used when I made my first Ariel cake.

ariel birthday cake

To make the cake pictured to the right is to follow the step by step directions from Wilton for the Ariel's Splashy Celebration Cake. Be prepared as this looks like it could be quite a project for a novice! Let us know how your Ariel cake turns out!

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