40th Birthday Party Ideas

40 birthday cupcake

While the big 4-0 isn't as old as it used to be, it's still considered the first of the over the hill birthday celebrations.

If someone special in your life is rounding the bend on their fourth decade, celebrate their birthday with a gentle nudge down the other side of the hill, or by embracing the old adage, Life begins at forty.

Here are a few ideas for 40th birthday party themes to get the party started:

Over the Hill Party

over the hill

Celebrate "over the hill" style with black armbands, grim reaper décor, and sympathy cards. For party games, treat the guests to walker races and bedpan tosses, or play a few rounds of, "Now that you're forty, you can't…" For the guest of honor, top the 40th birthday cake with tombstones, vultures, black balloons, or dentures.

Nostalgic 40th Party

Celebrate in style with a themed party that's coordinated with the guest of honor's graduation decade. Cover the walls with popular movie posters of the day, and make party mix CDs of the top hits of the decade. Dress in "oldies" fashions, and entertain the guests with Rubik's Cubes, Trivial Pursuit, or other games from the era.

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

murder 4deuces

Why not host an honest-to-goodness "whodunit" murder mystery party? If you're on the creative side, develop your own script using events from the honoree's life - or, if writing isn't your thing, there are loads of murder mystery kits to choose from at bookstores and online.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

If you think the "oldster" won't mind a thrill, why not host a surprise party? Plan for a family-friendly event, or host an adult only bash.

Regardless of the birthday's theme, be sure to include a few 40th birthday jokes or quotes in the party line-up. After all, the guest of honor isn't 40… they're eighteen with 22 years experience!

40th Birthday Cakes

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

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