70th Birthday Party Ideas

As we age, people forget that we are people and not just the number of candles on a cake. Celebrate the person, not the age.

70th Birthday Ideas

70th coasters

After a certain age, almost every birthday becomes a cause for celebration and in some cases, shock. You should consider many 70th birthday party ideas before settling on a final choice because this is as they say "a big one".

In honor of reaching this age, there should be a very nice celebration which should include the right kind of cake, the right foods and the right amount of people. If the celebrant has never liked a large crowd, this is not the time to change the tradition; you are not putting this person on display after all. Keep the party in fitting with the person, not with preconceived notions of what it should be.

70th Birthday Poems

In honor of reaching this age, many families will opt to honor their loved one in poem form. 70th birthday poems can be handwritten by each guest or can be professionally written. The poems can then all be gathered and bound into a book to serve as a treasured keepsake of this occasion.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas

70th Birthday Gift

After a certain age, there may be a move to a smaller home which means that the person might have to leave certain items behind. One of the nicest things that you could do is to have all of their favorite photos of friends and family put on a DVD.

Make sure that they have a DVD player so that they are able to view these photos whenever they want to. For an added bonus, have it set to themed music so that the memories are played out like a movie.

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