Birthday Gifts For Women

What do women want for their birthday? How about for it not to be their birthday?

Instead of another gift, give her a unique experience instead. For instance, take her to a play, concert or other event that would make her weak in the knees. Other good choices include her favorite perfumed creams or lotion, perhaps in a beautiful basket or other special presentation.

A favorite gift of women everywhere is beautiful jewelry, perhaps a strand of perfect pearls or a golden locket.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

bday women bag
bday women perfume

Women love shoes, they can be great birthday gifts, provided you know the size and the personal style of the woman you are buying for. Just like shoes, women love handbags as well. And they make wonderful birthday gifts. You can get them in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

There is nothing quite like, a nice, relaxing day at the spa. A weekend at a rest-and-rejuvenation spa is something that every woman will welcome and cherish as a birthday gift.

If the woman you're planning to buy for likes to experiment, perfumes are a great choice as well.

Birthday Gifts for Mom

bday women scrapbook
bday women cookbook

Mom deserves the very best, so make sure that you keep her tastes and personality in mind when you select her gift. Some good suggestions include: gift certificates for her favorite salon to use for the coming months.

If Mom is a great fan of cooking, buy her a new cookbook or cookware set and accessories. Ask if she has a particular favorite on the Food Network and opt for their items.

More Birthday Gifts For Mom

bday women yoga
bday women oils

If mom is into knitting, some nice yarn would be a great gift; canvasses are great to bring out the artistic talents in mom!

Moms are more active than before, so if mom has a favorite hobby, buy her items that relate to that.

Sentimental Birthday Gifts for Women

When you first meet, there was something about her that made her different from anyone you had ever met before, something that set her apart and made you know that she was the one. Recreate your first date and give her something that represents that first date. Whether you went to the movies, or a walk in the park, find something that will make her remember the day that you both fell in love.

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