iCarly Birthday

icarly birthday

iCarly is one of Nickelodeon's hottest tween shows right now. If you are planning a Tween birthday party, this may be the best choice for you. An iCarly birthday party can quickly earn you the title Coolest Mom on the Planet.

If you are looking for birthday party ideas especially girls birthday parties, you are definitely in the right place.

Who Wants an iCarly party?

Tween aged girls, (11-13) are the main target of the show and would really be thrilled with this as the theme of their birthday party.

How to Host or Plan for an iCarly party

icarly tablecloth

If you have a video camera or can borrow one, set it up and let the kids shoot their own show. Encourage them to write the script and act out what they come up with.

Decorating for an iCarly party

Carly and her friends hang out at her apartment which is filled with the funky artwork of her older brother and guardian, Spencer. There is no wrong way to decorate as long as it is colorful and bright. If you find funky posters or other artwork, use that.

iCarly Games and Activities

iCarly Games

Besides making their own web show the guest may enjoy games such as:

  • iCarly trivia
  • Sam-itations (everyone does their best imitation of Carly's friend, Sam)
  • Funky Art (give everyone modeling clay or Play doh, a time limit and see what you get)

iCarly Party Supplies

iCarly Party Supplies

Search for paper plates, cups and napkins that have iCarly printed on them. Include show themed tablecloths and a similarly decorated cake to complete the theme.

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