Arabian Nights Party Ideas

Tired of the same old birthday party ideas? Looking for something a little unique, a little amusing? How about a harem party instead?

The Arabian Nights Party

arabian princess

What better reason to push the furniture out of the room, toss down silk pillows and play your exotic music? Activities could include belly dance contests. (Learn from videos or even better, hire a dancer for the evening.) Food should be all finger foods and served on a low table in the center of the room. Not ready to learn to shimmy and shake? Consider movies that feature the same theme including, of course, the classic Lawrence of Arabia.

Arabian Nights Costumes

arabian prince

If you are afraid that anyone is going to be bashful or shy, assure them that everyone will be dressed in costume as well. (Have a small selection of spare costume items for those who just did not play along). Arabian nights costumes can be a little drafty, so make sure that the room is warm, which will also help with the atmosphere of warm Arabian nights.

Arabian Night Food Ideas

Arabian Night Food

Check out the local Middle Eastern restaurant for food ideas- if you do not have one in your area, then check out your favorite recipe book for tips and suggestions. This food can tend to be a little spicy, so make sure that you include less spicy fare for your friends who may suffer from indigestion or other troubles.

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Aladdin Party

If a Disney Aladdin Party is what you have in mind, here are several ideas to create this unique and memorable birthday theme.

  • Movie Themed - Have the kids watch the Aladdin movie or one of the sequels

  • Aladdin Themed Activities - Have the kids participate in various Aladdin themed activites such as:
    • Dress up - Have a treasure chest of costumes or clothing and have the kids dress up as Princess Jasmine, Aladdin (or Arabian Knights), Genies or as Abu the monkey

    • Have the kids play musical chairs to the soundtrack of Aladdin

    • Use a magic lamp to play hot potato game

    • Have the kids make various Arabian themed crafts - related to magic carpets, castles, genies, etc.

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Aladdin Party Supplies

For some ideas on what type of aladdin party supplies you should use or ideas on how to decorate for an aladdin party, the video below is a great starting point.

Some ideas could be plastic snakes, head and hip scarves, genie lamps, Mardi gras style - fake, large jewels, plastic tiaras and of course figurines and dolls from the Aladdin movie.

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