Baby Einstein Birthday Party

Baby Einstein Birthday Party - What is Better than Van Goat?

baby einstein birthday party

A Baby Einstein birthday might just be the perfect choice for a first birthday party theme. A first birthday is important, because it will never happen again, after all and this could be just the theme for this type of celebration!

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Baby Einstein Birthday

baby einstein birthday party

Baby Einstein is a collection of books and DVDs that are aimed at infants and toddlers and teach everything from numbers to colors to other languages as well. If you would like to find a more unique first birthday idea, this might be the one to consider.

Remember, the first birthday is a very important milestone, not only for the child but for the parents as well, so choosing the right first birthday party theme is huge.

Baby Einstein Party Supplies

baby einstein party supplies

The Baby Einstein characters are simplistic animals: a goat, dog, bear and cat. If you are keeping a memory box, take one of the cups, plates and napkins from the party to save. If you only have a baby book, a napkin will be fine. Make sure that you use brightly colored items featuring the characters and simple, geometric shapes.

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Baby Einstein Party Activities

Baby Einstein Party Activities
Baby Einstein Party Activities

If you have more one year olds than just the guest of honor, you should keep the activities short and sweet. If you have a wider mix of age groups, then make sure that each group has something that is age appropriate and will not interfere with another group's activity. It might sound too obvious, but popping in a Baby Einstein video might be a perfect solution.

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Baby Einstein Party Favors

Baby Einstein Party Favors

If you are having a party with multiple age groups, make sure that the wrong toys do not end up with the wrong guest by color coding the little gift bags. Always follow safety guidelines for your choices.

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