16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th birthday party ideas

Sweet Sixteen, far better than what they show on that one TV network-how to make your sweet sixteen even sweeter.

On a certain TV network, they show kids turning sixteen that are anything but sweet. From weeping that they did not get the color Mercedes they had demanded to going ballistic because another girl wore "her" dress color these girls can make the average parent dread the birthday period. However, it does not have to be like that, because unlike those reality show people, your teen really is sweet.

16th Birthday Ideas

16th birthday party balloon ideas

For most teens, this is the magic age where they get their driver's permit and then their license. While many of them secretly hope that they will wake up on the morning of their birthday and find a new car in the driveway, the reality is that not many of them will actually have that happen.

However, you can still let them get some of the same (almost) thrill of driving by taking the whole party to the go kart track for the day. Other party suggestions include a trip to the spa, or for those who do have their permit a day of driving in the family car. (NO guests allowed.)

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16th Birthday Party Games

16th Birthday Party Games

Games should be a little more grown up by this age and could include card games, board games or trivia games. Games on Wii or other gaming consoles are always welcome and there are games that involve movies, boards and the DVD player at the same time that are also popular.

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16th Birthday Gift Ideas

16th birthday party gift ideas

Make sure that you are keeping your teen in mind when you start looking for 16th birthday gift ideas. For the sports fan, memorabilia, collector's items or even tickets are always welcome. For the music lover, choose an upgraded music player and a gift card to choose their favorite music. If all else fails, give cash, the gift that is always in style and always welcome.

16th birthday party figurine

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