Birthday Party Food List

Creating a Birthday Party Food List - For most people, attending a party is all about the food. Food has this incredible power of bringing people together, especially for important occasions like birthday parties. When planning for the food at any event, there are plenty of things to consider including whether people have allergies to foods. You also need to take care to select items that are appropriate for your guests.

For instance, you will probably have very different options if you have a birthday party for your child than if you were throwing one for an adult. This will take a close look at a birthday party food list of options to consider for your next party.

Adult Birthday Party Food

Adult Birthday Party Food List


Sliders are always a great choice because they are finger foods, so they are easy to hold and carry around as they mingle. They are also great because these are completely customizable. You can do pretty much anything with a slider. You can use any type of ground meat (or vegan option), buns, and toppings. You can even get more creative by taking unique approaches, like a chicken parm slider.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are relatively easy dish to make and it can also be completely customizable to create something unique. You can create the traditional option, or you can opt for a wide variety of choices including ones topped with bacon.

Cookie Cups

Finger foods don’t have to always be savory options. You can get really creative here, making (or buying) your favorite cookie dough and forming them inside of a mini-muffin tin. Cook, then fill with your favorite frosting for a sweet and tasty treat while your guests walk around your party.


When your finger food can double as a plate, that makes food even more fun. Crostini is created by using a French baguette and slicing it up about 1-2-inch pieces. Cook the bread slices until they are golden brown, and then you can top it with pretty much anything. Want an Italian feel? Brush a garlic and olive oil mixture on the bread when you cook it, then top it with a mini meatball or tomatoes.

Kids Birthday Party Food List

You can use a lot of the same options as you would for an adult party, especially if there will be adults attending the party. But you can also make things a little more interesting for the kids as well.

Create Your Own Slider Bar

Creating different patties from turkey, beef, or meatless options, you can create a slider bar where kids can decide what they want to put on their slider.

Taco Bar

Kids love tacos (and so do most adults), so having a taco bar so all of your guests can create the perfect tacos is a fun way to serve your guests.


Cupcakes are an easy dessert that can be easy to carry around at a party. You can even dazzle it up by having assorted candies nearby so that your guests can add a special treat to their dessert.

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