Toy Story Party Ideas

Pixar's sweet Toy Story characters appeal to boys and girls of all ages.

Toy Story party ideas are vast and creating the perfect birthday party can be easily accomplished with the addition of Woody, Buzz, Jesse and Bullseye.

toy story party ideas
toy story party ideas

A Space Themed Buzz Lightyear Party

toy story party ideas

Little boys of all ages love Buzz and selecting your party décor, games and prizes around the Buzz character will provide you with a variety of options. Your Toy Story birthday invitations can portray Buzz flying through space. Also, decorate the party area in a space theme with stars, planets and comets.

Party games can include alien space ring toss, laser-tag and pin the astronaut to the space station. A space ship piñata will complete the theme and don't forget the Toy Story birthday cake, which can be in the shape of Buzz or could even have the whole gang depicted.

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Toy Story Party Supplies For A Buzz Party

toy story party ideas
  • Plates, cups, napkins with a picture of Buzz Lightyear or general Toy Story theme.

  • Decorations

  • Supplies for games. Remember to gather about 15 aliens and rings for toss game. Book a reservation for laser-tag or purchase equipment to play at home. Locate picture of astronaut or use Buzz along with the space station for pin game.

  • Balloons in green and purple, or stars.

A Cowgirl Theme Party Featuring Jesse

Cowgirl Theme Party

The Toy Story creators added the character of Jesse during the second movie, pleasing little girls everywhere. Toy Story birthday invitations can include a western theme with Jesse, or a simple design featuring a boot or cowgirl hat.

Your Toy Story birthday cake can highlight Jesse along with her pretty red yarn hair, which can be recreated with strings of frosting. Games can include roping the pony, throwing darts at balloons with older children or a laughing contest. Decorations for a Jesse party could include hay bales, rope garland and red gingham tablecloths.

Toy Story Party Supplies For Your Jesse Party

toy story party ideas
  • Eating implements with cowgirl Jesse or classic Toy Story theme.

  • Decorations

  • Game materials such as balloons, rope and a sawhorse or stick pony.

  • Birthday cake

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A western theme cowboy party with Sheriff Woody

western theme cowboy party

Toy Story party ideas featuring Sheriff Woody will result in a unique birthday experience for your child. Toy Story birthday invitations can be prepared with Woody and Bullseye, or in a basic western design, such as a cowboy hat, boot or saddle.

Additionally, decoration ideas can include balloons in brown, blue, yellow and red with old fashioned lanterns in addition to cowboy hats. Or, Andy's room was designed in a fun and unique style, which would be a great way to decorate your child's birthday party. You could hang clouds and add Pixar style bouncy balls with light blue balloons.

Party Games for a Woody party can be creative with throw the cowboy hat on the boot. Set up about 15 cowboy boots and let the children take turns throwing a cowboy hat to ring one. You could even allot larger points for further distanced rings.

Also, pin the tail on Bullseye is a fun switch to the classic game and kids love crafts, so decorating blue jean vests with fabric swatches or markers can be a lasting keepsake for party guests to take home.

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Toy Story Party Supplies For Your Woody Party

toy story party ideas
  • Paper plates, cups and silverware with pictures of Woody and Bullseye.

  • Decorations: Balloons, lanterns, cowboy hats, cloud cut-outs and balls.

  • Woody or Toy Story characters cake.

  • Materials for craft project.

  • Materials for games.

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The Toy Story crew is a fun and flexible birthday theme that both boys and girls will appreciate. Your son or daughter is sure to be delighted when they experience the party atmosphere that Toy Story party ideas can create.

Toy Story Cakes

Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes
Toy Story Cakes

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