Funny Birthday Gifts

If someone special in your life has a birthday coming up, why not celebrate with a gift of laughter rather than with the same old tie, bottle of perfume, or stand-by gift card?

Unlike gag gifts, where the guest of honor plasters on a grin to appease the crowd, personalized funny gifts are guaranteed to elicit a genuine smile. Plus, with so many personalized gifts to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect token for even the person who you thought had everything. Below are a few of our favorite funny birthday gift ideas:

Fake Magazine Covers

funny sports fake magazine cover
funny fortune fake magazine cover

Who wouldn't want to be a star? Whether you're shopping for an adult or a child, personalized magazine covers offer a unique way to commemorate a special birthday. For example, strike it rich when you feature the business graduate or executive on the cover of Fortune, or score big with armchair quarterbacks and little league sluggers when you plaster their mug on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

There are loads of free personalized magazine cover websites that allow you to upload a picture and choose a cover template. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to have a paid service take care of the details. For one of the services, expect to pay $15 if you'll be printing the photo yourself, or as much as $65 for a glossy 8 x 10 photo.

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Birthday Gag Gift Ideas - Funny Street Signs

funny signs

Embrace the passions (and poke a little good-hearted fun at the flaws) of the birthday celebrant when you present funny street signs as gifts. Do you know a teen with a room that could be condemned as a hazardous waste site? If so, what could be more fitting than a personalized "DANGER" sign for their bedroom door? Funny street signs are made-to-order, with a wide range of designs appropriate for both indoor and outdoor display. If you need a little inspiration, turn to the Internet for help.

funny signs

Personalized birthday gifts are always special, and when the gift brings a laugh it adds a whole new dimension to the fun. Regardless of the personalized funny birthday gift you choose, the guest of honor is sure to display it proudly and smile whenever they pass it.

funny signs

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