Dora Birthday Party

Exploring the Most Fun In Party Planning - A Dora birthday party can be a fun and exciting way to get your child's big day kicked off in high gear.

If you have a toddler or young child in your home or in your life, chances are you have seen the dark haired, bilingual Dora taking her young explorer friends through adventures and encouraging them to both move and learn Spanish as they go. If you are looking for birthday party ideas for kids, a Dora birthday party might just be the one.

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Hosting a Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

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Make sure that you have the activities ready when the guests arrive so there is no misbehaving to contend with. Keep the actions flowing from the minute they walk through the door and right up until they leave so that everyone has a good time and the event is smooth and problem free.

Dora Party Supplies and Decorations

dora birthday party decorations

Remember that a kids theme birthday party should actually feature the chosen theme and in the case of the younger crowd, the more the merrier. Do not worry that you are going overboard with items such as napkins, plates, cups and tablecloths- in fact, it is practically impossible to do so. Look for as many Dora birthday party supplies as you can.

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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Food Suggestions

dora birthday party supplies

Because Dora and her friends are all very proud of their heritage, Mexican food may be a good choice here- (be careful that it is not too spicy for the little ones) Other choices can be:

  • Boots' boats (banana splits for Dora's monkey friend)
  • Benny's Salad (Benny is a cow, so salad would be a good choice for him.)
  • Issa's Fruit Platter (Issa the Iguana)

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Dora Party Favors

Dora Party Favors

Keep the party favor or gift bags until each guest is leaving so that no one loses anything during the day. They will get the thrill of bringing home a gift at the end of the event and hopefully something that may calm them down when they get home. Good choices include:

  • Small Dora and her friend toys
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Dora hairclips or bracelets for little girls

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Dora Birthday Invitations

Dora Birthday Invitations

If you are hosting a Dora the Explorer birthday party why not set the tone and theme of the party by sending themed dora birthday invitations! There are a number of various ways to do this from creating your own invitations using Dora themed stickers and stamps or even a coloring page.

Another option would be to simply purchase write in invitations online or at your local party supply store or you can look online to search for a fancier option if that's what you desire.

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