Pokemon Party Ideas

Adventure and fun in a Birthday Party - Pikachu, I choose you to party with!

A lot of kid birthday party theme ideas could be seen to favor the girl's. A Pokemon party on the other hand, might be just the choice for a little boy. Simply make sure that you are finding the right Pokemon party supplies and you will be well on your way to making his day a memorable one.

How to Host a Pokemon Party

pokemon costume

Hosting is simple- as long as you set up activities that will take the kids from arrival and all the way to departure. Do not leave long lulls without a planned activity because boredom may be what causes bad behavior among the guests.

Pokemon Party Games

Pokemon Party Games

There are a lot of actual Pokemon games, including a board game or each guest could be encouraged to bring their trading cards to look at with one another. Adapt other games to Pokemon, like bingo. Buy or make cards and play Memory.

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Pokemon Party Supplies

Pokemon Party Supplies

Boys do not care nearly as much as girls do about coordinating napkins and paper plates but it is still a nice touch. If you can have one made, a cake in the shape of his favorite Pokemon character will be appreciated as well.

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Pokemon Party Favors

pokemon stickers

A deck of Pokemon collector cards is a great suggestion. Collectible Pokemon figures is also a good choice.

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Pokemon Party Foods

pokemon party cake

Besides the cake, the food choices can be nearly anything with Pokemon character names given to it. Do not worry if you do not know the right names of the characters, you are allowed to make these up as you go. Involve your child in this process as well and you will be amused or amazed by the level of creativity.

Suggestions include:

  • Pikachusagna
  • Hot Dogigone
  • Jiggly Puff-ed Rice treats

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