80s Theme Party

Thanks to the arrival of MTV, the 80s promoted music and individual style like no other decade. If hosting a party is in your not-so-distant future, why not take your guests on a blast from the past and give them a taste of the decade that had it all?

Whether your guests were preppy, jock, big hair, or punk, planning an 80s theme party is great way for everyone to relive their glory days.

80s Party Ideas

80s party favors
80s costume

Set the tone for your bash with 80s party invitations shaped like Rubik's Cube or Pac Man, or send Trivial Pursuit-inspired invites that list the party details in the form of questions. Be sure to invite your guests to dress the part, and offer a few suggestions about what to wear, such as:

  • Break out the lace and mesh, and sport your best Madonna get-up…

  • Party like a maniac in legwarmers and your favorite off-the-shoulder sweatshirt…

  • Got Hawaiian? Let's party like Don Johnson and Magnum…

  • Looking for your other white glove? Let's get together for a Thriller party…

For added fun, send a photo of yourself decked out in your favorite 80s garb, or images of the most inspirational 80's icons, such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Duran Duran, or Madonna.

80s Party Decorations

80s theme party

Relive music and box office hits with 80s party decorations like life-size stand-ups of Michael Jackson, Prince, David Lee Roth, and Madonna. Slather the walls with movie posters from Back to the Future, Rambo, Ferris Bueller, and The Breakfast Club.

Cover tables with super-bright fluorescent tablecloths, jelly bracelets, and Rubik's cubes, and scatter Trivial Pursuit game pieces throughout. For party favors, treat your guests to Risky Business-style sunglasses, mini cans of hairspray, lip gloss, and packets of Pop Rocks.

80s Music Party Ideas

With a lot of creativity and a little help from your friends, planning an 80s party will be a cinch. Enjoy watching your guests moonwalk or strut their stuff Egyptian-style at your 80s party!

80s party

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