60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th birthday party napkin

There are so many sexy at sixty jokes that there is just not room on the paper for them! Say happy birthday to the hot mamma or Mr. Suave in your life.

Whether they are aging slow and graceful or are hurtling toward imminent melt down, celebrate the 60 birthday of your friends and family in the style that suits them best. Remember, age does not define a person, the person defines their age.

60th Birthday Ideas

60th birthday party plate

In keeping with the idea of letting the person define the age instead of the other way around, look to the person you are celebrating to get the best ideas for throwing a 60th birthday party. If they are slowing down a bit, then let the party be a smaller, quieter affair. If they are still no set rules for what makes a great 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Jokes

Age related jokes are rarely funny, especially when they are mean spirited or a little spiteful. Any jokes that are told on this day should be tasteful and in the spirit of good humor and fun, not mean or vindictive in any way.

60th Birthday Present Ideas

60th birthday party gift

Gift ideas should reflect what the person might actually need or want. Special gifts like personalized stationary (include stamps for a nice touch) or other items that are personalized are always appreciated. Other choices could include more practical gifts like gift certificates for their favorite salon and to the local grocery store so that they can get the items that they choose whenever they need them.

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