14th Birthday Party Ideas

14th birthday party ideas

How to Make a Fourteenth Birthday a Score-teenth! Party. Whether it is sports, music or movies, opt for a theme that is on the money for your clique conscious teen.

Choosing a theme for the fourteenth party can be difficult unless your teen has clearly defined tastes of some kind. Whatever you are choosing, make sure that your teen will approve and involve him or her in the planning for the best results.

Movies and Movie Trivia Themes

14th birthday balloon
14th birthday balloon

There are a number of ways to incorporate movies and movie trivia themes, including using the DVD/board game, Scene It. Let the kids divide up into teams and play the game or make up your own. Use the movie as the grand prize and finish up the day by watching the movie with a big bowl of popcorn and other movie snacks.

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Sports Fans - Get Ready to Party…

14th birthday party ideas boy sports

If sports is the thing, then take your little jock or jockette's lead and plan the party around a big game or buy a tape of a favorite team's last winning season. Again, have a trivia contest based on the sport or better yet, whip out the Wii and let the sport come to life in your living room.

Party Time Idol

14th birthday party ideas idol

Finally, let the kids sing for each other or for adult judges as they recreate one of their favorite television shows. Just make sure that no one decides to be Simon!

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