Teenage Birthday Party Games

Games that even the coolest teen would agree to play.

Whether they have just hit the magic first teen number or they have been a teen for a year or so, they have one thing in common: they want to avoid the idea that they even have parents. They cannot believe they are related to someone so lame, so uncool, such a nerd. For their birthday party they will play a game called "ignore my mom" and they are all very good at it.

However, even that game will lose its sense of irony after a bit so have real games for them to enjoy after they are done breaking your heart.

Teen Birthday Party Games

Teen Birthday Party Games

Many kids like to play the new video games that are part video part active, all fun like the Wii, Dance, Dance Revolution and Rock Band. Include other games live trivia games, especially those that involve the DVD player like Scene It. These come in different varieties so if you know that most of the guests are fans of a certain show for instance, you can get the game that focuses on that program.

One of the newest Scene It games is the Simpsons Variety and is meant to test their knowledge of the longest running animated series in history.

Fun Teenage Party Games

Fun Teenage Party Games

If you have a large yard and the ability to gather enough of the units, have a laser tag war. Set up obstacles and other items for the kids to hide behind and then declare war. If you only have a few of the units (borrow or rent them if you can) then set the kids up in head to head battles to see who will last longest.

More Birthday Party Games

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen Party Themes

Teen Party Games

Tell Us About Your Teenage Birthday Party Games

Did you recently throw a teen party and were successful in having all the guests participate in teenage birthday party games? What did you do? Or do you have ideas for teenage birthday party games that will have the whole school talking about your party? If so, share them!

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