High School Musical Party

How to Throw a High School Musical Party

High School Musical, the runaway movie hit is a very popular choice for the Tween age group, and will probably be the first choice on the list for girls of this age group. Big benefit to choosing a High School Musical theme: ease of décor and game ideas, plus you get to score big wow, you are so cool points as well.

High School Musical Party Supplies and Decorations

high school musical party poster

Let's start with the easy items first: the décor. To save time and money, use reusable items that can be considered the birthday child's gifts as well for décor. Ideas include:

high school musical party stickers
  • Full sized posters to decorate the party space can move to the child's room afterward

  • Plastic High School Musical containers can be used to serve food or beverages and then can be used the next day to organize belongings

  • Tinsel border can brighten every corner along with lots of metallic colored balloons

Birthday Party Activities

Games that are adapted to the theme are always a hit, but be wary of games that might seem "too young"

high school musical party pinata
  • Start with a High School Musical trivia challenge. If the child wants to be involved in the party planning process, let her write the questions for this game and then serve as the host during the party

  • Finish the song lyric contests using songs from the musical

  • Match the songs or phrases to the character

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Birthday Party Food and Birthday Party Favors

high school musical party plate

Stick with easy to serve and eat fare but name it for the characters of the movie. Little grab bags with hair clips, lipgloss and other High School Musical themed items. A High School Musical birthday cake does not have to be fancy, simply a favorite flavor sheet cake with HSM decoration is perfectly acceptable. The key to this theme is the music after all- the food will be secondary.

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