Scooby Doo Birthday Party

Scooby Doo sends out the birthday greetings, eats all of the leftovers and unmasks the fake monsters. What a good dog.

Scooby Doo Party

Scooby Doo could be a wonderful party theme idea for kids of nearly every age. Younger children like him because he is a big, goofy dog. Older kids may like him because he solves mysteries and unmasks fake bad guys.

And the young at heart may like him purely for the nostalgia. No matter what age group is being treated to this party theme, make sure that you set the proper tone and have the right Scooby snacks!

Scooby Doo Party

Scooby Doo Party Supplies

Scooby Doo Party Supplies

Start with the basic table ware and then go from there. Make sure that you have plenty of Scooby Doo Punch (Or Scooby Doo, Mountain Dew or similar soda if you do not mind serving them). Remember, there have been several variations on the Scooby Doo theme, so if your child or guest of honor has a favorite, use that one, otherwise feel free to mix it up. Some don't like the episodes with Scrappy Doo in them; others love them.

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Scooby Doo Games and Activities

Scooby Doo Games and Activities

Have a mystery to solve and then split the kids up into teams just like they do on the show. Have a character costume party or play match the catch phrase to the character. First prize could be a DVD or a stuffed Scooby.

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Scooby Doo Party Favors

Scooby Doo Party Favors

Little notepads and pencils are great for holding clues and can be the start of a small gift bag. Other choices could include plastic Scooby toys, coloring books and crayons and other items with the scaredy cat Great Dane on them.

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