Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Mickey should not get all of the limelight, all of the time.

Minnie Mouse Party

minnie balloon

When you are looking for kids' party ideas, sometimes the classics are the best choice. A Minnie Mouse Party idea can be a fun way for you to relive some of your own childhood while giving your child a memorable and adorable party. Choose Baby Minnie Mouse for the younger children (makes a great 1st birthday theme) and older Minnie Mouse for the older kids.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Just like Mickey, Minnie Mouse is practically everywhere. Look for the girl mouse on tablecloths, cups, plates and napkins and go from there. Include bunches of colorful ear shaped balloons and little Minnie Mouse items everywhere to complete the look.

More Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

Minnie Mouse Party Favors

Minnie is a girly mouse, so make sure that the birthday favors you choose are girly too. For the Baby Minnie crowd stick with brightly colored, age-appropriate toys. For the older, little girls however, go for it: nail polish, hair bows, perfume, lip gloss and other Mouse-tastic items gathered in of course, a Minnie Mouse bag or change purse.

Minnie Mouse Food Suggestions

minnie cake

Minnie, being a delicate little mouse-girl would opt for smaller food choices. Cubes of cheese should be included of course, (she is a mouse after all) but include delicate sandwiches (your choice of fillings, of course) and other delicate fare. If you are feeling particularly creative, cut the sandwiches into cute shapes.

minnie cake lara

Here are some videos and ideas for a minnie mouse birthday cake.

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