Finding Nemo Party Ideas

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Finding Nemo Party Ideas - Everyone's favorite clown fish! - A perfect choice for your child's party theme, especially if he is a fish fan.

Finding Nemo Birthday

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In the movie Finding Nemo, a father fish goes in search of his missing son. For the parent in search of the best children's birthday party ideas, the search is over. Nemo is an adorable fish, an adorable theme and is appropriate for children ages 3-6.

Finding Nemo Party Supplies

Nemo Party Supplies

Start with a Nemo or aquarium themed table cloth and build from there. The paper ware can all be Finding Nemo with the emphasis on the main characters from the movie, Nemo, Marlin and Dory, the forgetful fish that helps reunite father and son.

Finding Nemo Party Favors for a Nemo Birthday Party

Nemo Party Favors

Because the movie was about fish, there is an abundance of squirt/water toys to be had. While these are great, make sure that you let parents know in advance if this is going to be part of the party favors or the party activities. No one wants to pick little Jenny up from a party in her bedraggled and sopping wet party finest.

Other choices can include little plastic fish and sea creatures or for slightly older children, and the pellets that turn into sponge creatures when you put them in water.

Finding Nemo Party Foods

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Keep food fare simple, especially for this age group. Just do not serve fish sticks!

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