Ballerina Birthday Party

A young girl's ballerina birthday party becomes something special when the ballet The Nutcracker inspires the festivities.

ballerina birthday party

An interest in ballet often begins with a viewing of Tchaikovsky's popular ballet, and the fanciful production of a young girl's adventure with her handsome prince offers a number of decorating themes and party activity ideas that can help transform a child's birthday party into a memorable occasion.

ballerina birthday party
ballerina birthday party

Establish the Theme

Establishing a theme for a birthday party can inspire choices for decorations, activities, food and entertainment. In The Nutcracker ballet, the young heroine's adventures begins with the gift of a nutcracker that comes to life as a dashing prince.

The two travel together to the Land of Sweets, where they are entertained by dancers from cultures from all over the world. The ballet offers all the elements that children love about ballet, with beautiful costumes, fanciful characters and whimsical settings, elements that can easily be recreated in a family's back yard or garden.

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Nutcracker Ballerina Party Supplies

With a little imagination, decorations for a Nutcracker-themed ballerina birthday party can recreate the Land of Sweets, and with Tchaikovsky's score playing in the background, party activities can be planned around various Nutcracker themes.

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Ballerina Party Decorations

ballerina birthday decorations
ballerina birthday decorations
ballerina birthday decorations

Part of the magic of The Nutcracker ballet comes from its sets and lighting. For a ballerina birthday party, a "stage" area becomes the centerpiece for decorations. A patio, deck or a flat area of lawn can be used to form the stage.

Streamers, garlands and hanging decorations can be hung across the stage area and draped at the sides to resemble theater curtains. Paper decorations that resemble gumdrops and other candies help recreate the Land of Sweets. Some decorative ballerina party supplies include:

  • Custom Banners
  • Nutcracker Cutouts
  • Hanging Decorations
  • Streamers and Garlands
  • Paper Decorations
  • Balloons

Ballerina Party Favors

ballerina birthday favors
ballerina birthday favors
ballerina birthday favors

Guests at the Nutcracker-themed ballerina birthday party will enjoy party favors that make them feel like they're part of the production. Party favors that recreate the glitter and glamour of a ballet performance include:

  • Ballet Slippers
  • Tutus
  • Tiaras
  • Wands
  • Sparkling Blowouts

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Ballerina Party Food

ballerina birthday cake
ballerina birthday cake
ballerina birthday cake

A ballerina cake becomes the focal point of refreshments for a Nutcracker ballet birthday party. Colors coordinated with the party décor helps unify the look of the party. Frosted gumdrops look charming on a ballerina birthday cake, as do swirls of frosting that mimic the arcs and folds of theater draperies. Refreshments and serving supplies include:

  • Ballerina Cake
  • Sparkling Punch
  • Candy Favors
  • Tableware
  • Table Covers

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Ballerina Party Games

Every girl at a Nutcracker-themed birthday party will want to dress up in her tutu and join in the show. Add excitement to the dress up activity with a Ballerina Relay Race. Teams line up on one side, and boxes of dress-up items are placed opposite them. Contestants race to the box, dress themselves up in inexpensive costume jewelry, feathered boas, shawls and belts, then race back to tag the next team member in line.

The Waltz of the Flowers is one of the best-loved dances from The Nutcracker. Allow party guests to create their own flowers with construction paper, glitter and stickers, then put on the familiar music and let them dance about upon the stage.

Set the scene for a ballerina birthday party with decorations from a favorite ballet, give everyone affordable costume ballet slippers and tutus, serve a fanciful ballerina cake, and a budding ballerina birthday girl will hold the memory of her special day dear to her heart for years to come.

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