Unique Birthday Gifts

Unique Birthday Gifts - Ideas for buying unique presents for the unique people you love.

We all have a one of a kind friend or family member that deserves a one of a kind gift. Whether it costs five dollars or fifty five dollars, it has to be as special as they are. And whether the gift is meant to make them laugh or make them cry, they absolutely cannot have another one like it, because it is unique.

Unique Watch Gifts for Men

Unusual Birthday Gifts for Men

Men can be very difficult to buy anything for, even if you know them very, very well. However, if you would like some unique birthday gifts for a man, here are some suggestions:

Birthday Gifts for Men

Appeal to his sense of athletic ability with his name on his favorite player's jersey. Other options include a score board from his favorite team's arena with his name on it. In some cities, you can have the announcers mention their birthday during telecasts or live at the game, which is also special and unique.

If he is not a sports fan, then look to his other hobbies for ideas. Do not get sucked into the tacky gift aisle though. Remember that unless you are buying a pool table, anything with green felt is a no-no.

More Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

More Birthday Gifts for Men

Sentimental and Unique Gifts Ideas for Women

Unique Bracelet Gifts for Women

One of the most beautiful gift choices is also one of the most unique: give her a charm bracelet filled with charms that will give her special memories of your time together. There will only be one that has these charms after all. A locket that has a special photo and engraved inscription is also a good choice.

Unique Necklace Gifts for Women

Finally, one of the sweetest birthday gifts for a woman is the open heart necklace that has dangling charms that are actually the birthstones of each member of the family.

More Birthday Gifts for Women

More Birthday Gift Ideas

Funny Birthday Gifts

Last Minute Birthday Gifts

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