Pool Party Ideas

pool party supplies

Trying to figure out pool party ideas? What are the main things to be concerned with? When coming up with ideas for a swimming pool party, your focus should be on appropriate activities and games for the age group involved, and of course the safety precautions for pool parties of all age groups. Teen pool parties will be different from the ideas you might come up with for a preteen.

For All Age Groups

Pool party invitations should mention that fact right up front- preferably on the first line. Some parents may have some serious concerns about letting their child come to a pool party.

Ideas for Pool Party Invitations

pool party invitations
pool party invitations
pool party invitations

Pool party invitations can include many different themes and ideas. Of course the most obvious being an image of a swimming pool but I have seen other image designs that include a swimsuit, a flip flop, a beach towel, a float, a cocktail drink or even a child in a snorkel and mask! I would expect to pay between $1 - $6 each depending on the detail of the whimsical design.

Another option for a pool party invitation would be to create or print your own. You can get as creative as you like or as simple as you like. I have all seen write-in pool party invitations available at local party supply stores or online.

Pool Party Decorations (All Ages)

pool party decor

Basic décor can work for all ages, including balloons and streamers in the favorite color of the guest of honor.

Additional decorations that are fun for pool parties include Hawaiian themed gear, brightly colored paper lantern lamps and palm trees.

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Teen Pool Party

Make sure that the supervision of a teen pool party is as inconspicuous as possible. Discuss the safety rules with your teen and then check in from time to time, especially if it sounds like things are getting out of hand.

Pool Party Games for a Kids Pool Party

pool party game

Pool party games like floater polo is a good choice. Another good choice is beach ball volleyball. Keep a monitor on the weaker swimmers.

Pool Party Games (Older Children and Teens)

Marco Polo, organized races and Volleyball are good choices for older children and teens.

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