90th Birthday Party Ideas

90th birthday cake

Make every birthday extra special with touches from the cute to the sentimental.

90th Birthday Ideas

90th birthday party balloon

Whether they are a spry and healthy person still living in their own home or a little more frail and living in a retirement community, no one wants their 90th birthday to go unnoticed.

However, once you get to this age there are some additional considerations to keep in mind when considering 90th birthday party ideas. For instance, is the person's health up to an actual party or should there only be a small gathering of close family and friends to celebrate the event. Would a birthday card shower be a better idea for those who are not really well?

90th Birthday Poems

Writing 90th birthday poems can give your family a real appreciation for taking care of themselves so that they can reach this honor as well. Whether they are written by each person or one person writes several poems, they should all be bound together and used instead of a generic, impersonal birthday card.

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90th Birthday Gift Ideas

90th Birthday Gift

Before you buy another sweater, brooch or box of powder, ask the person what they really need. If they are living in a retirement community or nursing home they will not have room for a lot of things and some things may end up missing.

However, if they are living on their own they might need some of the basics of life. Buy a supply of groceries or quietly pay a utility bill. Offer to help take care of the pet if they have one. Do something rather than buy something. Spend the day with them, maybe taking them shopping or to have their hair done. Be present rather than giving presents. Be the gift rather than buying the gift.

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90th Birthday Invitations

90th birthday invitation

Here are some ideas for selecting 90th birthday invitations:

  • If there is a party theme, then why not set the tone with the invitation being in the same theme

  • Guest of honor's hobby (if the guest of honor has a hobby - like fishing or golfing or gardening) then why not use that hobby for the invitation for a golfer - find a golf bag, golf club or golf cart invitation or for a knitter try finding an invitation in the shape of yarn or knitting motif

  • An invitation cutout that forms the number "90"

  • A simple or even homemade invitation stating what the celebration is all about works just as well

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