1st Birthday Supplies

Making the day special for the littlest birthday guest.

1st bday sesame street supplies

The day is going to be a special one, no matter what you do. After all, you only turn one year old, once in your entire lifetime! After choosing the theme for your baby's party, make sure that you save back one of each item to put into the baby book so that baby can look at it, as well as the pictures when he or she is older.

1st Birthday Hat

1st bday hat
1st bday hat boy

Make sure that you have a special hat for your baby, but it should of course be the same theme as everyone else. While he or she may not wear it for very long, it will still be a treasured memento afterward.

1st Birthday Decorations

1st Birthday Decorations

This day is all about baby, so the first birthday decorations should reflect that. Consider using baby pictures from the past year on a table. Include any ultrasound photos and baby books as well. If you can make copies of these items it might be better and safer in the long run.

1st Birthday Decorations

1st Birthday Candle

1st Birthday Candle
1st bday candle

The first birthday candle should be either a single number one or possibly in the shape of a favorite character. Whether you choose to burn the candle or not is up to you, however it will be a long time before you can use that number one again (nine years to be exact, when baby turns 10).

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