Adult Birthday Party Themes

adult birthday party

Whether the guest of honor is young or just young at heart, a party is a fantastic way to commemorate a birthday. If someone special in your life is rounding the bend on another year of life, why not celebrate by hosting a birthday bash? Here are a few adult birthday ideas guaranteed to get the party rolling:

Choosing an Adult Party Theme

Who says theme parties are just for kids? With activities, food, decorations, and costumes built into the celebration, an adult birthday party theme will bring out the kid in the birthday girl or boy. Here are a few tried-and-true adult party themes:

Casino Party

casino party

Spread the word of your high roller bash with creative invitations crafted from playing cards, poker chips, or postcards of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Set the stage by decorating with playing cards, card suit cut-outs, and red and black balloons.

Include plenty of Vegas-style party games, such as Black Jack, Craps, and Baccarat. Enlist a friend to serve as "pit boss" for the evening, and award prizes to the high rollers. To accommodate non-gamblers, include a few alternative games like Crazy 8's, Go Fish, and Uno.

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Pirate Party

adult pirate

Even grown mateys are sure to have a blast at a pirate party. Send word to the swashbucklers with treasure map invitations, and be sure to let the guests know to dress in costume for the evening. For party activities, organize a treasure hunt, set up an obstacle course and have guests "walk the plank", or stir up nostalgia with a nighttime game of Capture the Flag.

Western Party

adult western

Rope in your guests with WANTED poster invitations, and ask them to come to the party dressed in the spirit of a western hoedown. Entertain the ranch hands and cowgirls with horseshoes, lasso stations, and card tables, or set up a dance stage and let them kick up their heels.

Slumber/Pajama Party

adult slumber

Relive a blast from the past by hosting a slumber or pajama party and inviting guests to wear their nighttime garb. Play slumber party pranks or other games from your youth, such as Twister, Ouija, or Trivial Pursuit, or take a walk on the wild side with a séance or game of Truth or Dare.

Tea Party, Coffee Party, or Spa Party

adult spa party

These "pamper" parties are great for a more subdued crowd. For entertainment, set up board games or play a few rounds of charades.

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Milestone Party

80th birthday

Planning a milestone birthday party is a great way to commemorate an upcoming "oldster's" 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday, but be mindful of the feelings of the honoree when planning. Walker races, shuffleboard, Bocce ball, and croquet are a blast for the less sensitive, while those who are touchier about their age may enjoy a photo slideshow or a memory-sharing activity instead.

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Whatever adult birthday party theme you choose, your party is sure to be a hit with a little planning and ingenuity.

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Adult Birthday Party Ideas

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