30th Birthday Party Ideas

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Nope, not turning 30. I am 29 and 12 months old. Period. 29 with rollover minutes?

Of all of the ages, it seems that 30 is the hardest to swallow for so many people. If you know you might be dealing with a weeper, lay off or pull back on some of the jokes.

30th Birthday Ideas

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For those who do not feel or act thirty, then going to the local bowling alley or paintball facility may be a great way to kick off their party. For those who are not as big a fan of active as others, then the party could include a sporting event or favorite movie. As long as there is good food and good friends, then what is going on will not matter.

30th Birthday Jokes

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All 30th birthday jokes should be funny and not hurtful. If you know that you will upset the guest of honor on their special day, they are not jokes after all. Have everyone that is invited to the party write a joke about the person, keeping in mind the aim of making them laugh, not upset them.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The best 30th birthday presents should include items from the birthday person's hobbies or favorite activities. Some people in this age group are still active in league sports for instance and might enjoy receiving items that are related to that sport. Other choices could include baskets filled with their favorite fruits and candies or a new briefcase for those just moving up in their career.

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30th Birthday Cakes

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30th birthday cakes
30th birthday cakes

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30th Birthday Invitation

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30th birthday invitation
30th birthday invitation
30th birthday invitation
30th birthday invitation

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