Hip Hop Parties

How to Throw Great Hip Hop Parties

Although hip hop parties might sound like a pricey option, with some simple tips and smart planning it can be a cool, and budget friendly birthday party theme idea.

Hip Hop music certainly has its fan of all ages, but a Hip Hop party theme would probably be most appreciated by the older teens (ages 15-18).

Hip Hop House Party Decorations

Hip Hop House Party Decorations

Start with posters and then add splashes of color with other items. Get posters of the guest of honor's favorite hip hop artists. Spray paint old vinyl LP's gold and put them in frames to simulate gold records (if you do not have frames of the right size, skip that part.) Make sure that you add lots of silver chain and other touches to look like "Bling".

hip hop parties disco ball

Look for Hip Hop facts online- and then write them on colored paper to post around the walls. (You could also use these facts for a trivia contest if you would like)

Add metallic balloons for flash in the corners and if you can find one cheaply, use a disco ball or strobe light to give the party a "club" appeal.

Hip Hop Party Favors

The type of party favors that you use will depend on the number of party guests that you are expecting to be in attendance.

hip hop parties itunes gift card

For a small party: Consider purchasing a number of download cards that allow the guests to download their musical choice to their Ipod, MP3 players or computers once they get home- if the party is larger, buy one or two of these to use as door prizes for games.

hip hop parties 50 cent necklace
hip hop parties bling necklace

For a larger party: Use a grab bag filled with fake "bling", small bottle of perfume/cologne and other items. If you find items that are related to a particular artist, include those as well.

More Birthday Party Favors

Suggested Hip Hop Music

hip hop parties dj

Playlist is of course going to be Hip Hop. Make sure that if you are actually the one playing the music that you have a listen before the party because some of the lyrics may be offensive to some guests. Take this time to talk to your own child about what you will and will not tolerate in the musical selections and then let them make most of the choices from there.

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