Little Einsteins Party

Little Einsteins Party - Blast off To Party Time in the Little Red Rocket

Combine learning and social skills in the perfect einstein party theme for your own little geniuses.

Little Einsteins Birthday Party

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The Little Einstein's are a group of very smart little children on a Disney playhouse show. They head off into adventures each episode, learning a new classical music piece and focusing on a different composer and instrument as they do. This is a great kid's birthday party idea and might be suited for girls or boy of ages 3-5.

Little Einsteins Birthday Party Supplies

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For really cute presentation, consider having the napkins rolled and stuck into your own version of the red rocket that the children travel in. Each child should choose the character that they identify with most from the show.

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Little Einstein Party Decorating Ideas

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The little red rocket can be the centerpiece of the table. (Either buy or make one yourself.) Other decorating ideas could include sheet music and musical symbols and pictures of famous composers. You might be shocked when little children point out Bach or Beethoven.

Little Einsteins Birthday Party Favors

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Since music is the central theme of the show, musical instruments should be the central theme for the party favors. A word to the wise however, make sure that you give these items to each guest at the end of the party, just as they are heading home. (Do not answer your phone the next day).

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Little Einsteins Birthday Cake

Here's a great idea for a little einsteins birthday cake:

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