Care Bears Birthday Party

Oh what fun it is to plan a toddler birthday party and coming up with first birthday party ideas can be one of the sweetest things you will ever do. Just remember that with all kids birthday party ideas, keeping things as simple as possible is always the best bet.

Planning a Care Bears party theme is as simple as buying a few Care Bears party supplies, organizing the food and making sure that everything is as cute and adorable as the toddler guest of honor.

care bears

Hosting a Care Bear Party

care bears birthday party game

If you are giving a party for a one year old, you should keep in mind that having more than one baby in the house may be a bit too much. A one year old child's party is more for the parents and other family members than for anyone else.

Make sure that the guest of honor is entertained. Consider handing out disposable cameras so that everyone can get as many pictures of the birthday baby as possible.

Care Bears Party Supplies

care bears supplies

Make sure that no matter what you buy in the way of Care Bears party supplies, that you keep at least one item back for baby's journal or baby book.

Look for coordinating napkins, tablecloths, cups and plates.

Care Bear Food Ideas

care bears straws

Give your regular party fare a little bit of flair by changing its name to Care Bear Names

  • Love a Lot Lasagna
  • Cheer a Lot Cherry Pie

Activities and Games for a Care Bears Birthday Party

care bears birthday party favor

These should be kept simple - unless the guest of honor has some older guests to entertain. If you do have several toddlers, a Care Bear video may help to settle things down after a more active game is played. Coloring books may be a good choice as well.

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