18th Birthday Party Ideas

A party theme to welcome your baby to the age of legal adulthood.

Ah yes, the end of childhood, at least chronologically. For some, the 18th birthday is not really that big of a deal, they have been working and planning their next career step all along. For others, number 18 can be a huge wake up call and for others, it can make them want to ask for a Winnie the Pooh cake and pretend they are still little. Here are some great planning tips and 18th birthday party ideas.

18th Birthday Ideas

18th birthday balloon

This is probably not going to be a party streamers and balloon type affair and many 18-year-olds may simply opt for hanging out with friends. Make sure that they stay within the rules of the home as well as the laws of the state, but allow them the freedom to make this choice.

If they would like a party at the house however, then aim for a small group of friends who will choose the activities and probably the menu themselves.

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Debut Party

18th birthday cake debut

Taking from the inspiration and culture of the Philippines, another great 18th birthday party idea, could be to throw a debut party. Similar in concept to the Latin Quinceanera or a Sweet 16, a debut party is a celebration of a young lady's coming-of-age.

A formal party is usually thrown and includes several traditional Philipino customs which are again very similar to the latin customs and traditions for a quinceanera. The debutante usually has a court of 18 - 9 boys and 9 girls that are dressed in formal attire.

There is also a ceremony of 18 candles or 18 treasures depending on which the debutante has selected. The 18 candles are lit by 18 special people that the debutante has selected who also offer a speech of inspiration and advice for the debutante. The 18 treasures ceremony is again special people hand selected by the debutante to offer a special gift with meaning and inspiration towards her path to adulthood.

Below is a highlight video from a debut party.

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

18th birthday dinner

Cash is probably one of the things that an 18-year-old will need the most and have the least of. However, if you know there are things that the teen needs, then opt for those items instead. Gift certificates to favorite stores, movie theaters or restaurants are a good choice as well, especially if they would like to take a special someone out every now and then.

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18th Birthday Jokes

Wrap the new adults presents in baby or cartoon character paper. Make sure that one of his/her boxes looks especially enticing but fill it with the household bills and a note that says, welcome to adulthood, these are yours now. Make sure the real gift is hiding beneath them.

18th Birthday Cakes

18th birthday cake
18th birthday cake
18th birthday cake

An 18th birthday cake can be anything related to the interests of the guest of honor or the theme of the birthday celebration. The cake can also be simple using the favorite cake filling flavors of the celebrated honoree and decorated to reflect an 18th birthday theme.

Another fun and creative idea could be to make 18 mini cakes, all decorated differently and then beautifully arranged on a platter or on a tiered serving stand. The same concept can be applied using cupcakes to create a cupcake cake. Whichever direction you choose, I am sure it will be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

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