Birthday Balloons

Balloons and birthdays go hand-in-hand, enhancing the festivity of any celebration.

Here are a few ideas about decorating with balloons and creative ways to incorporate balloons into this year's birthday celebration.

balloon arch
balloon decor
birthday balloons

Balloon Arches

birthday balloons

Balloon arches pack a big visual punch, but are easy on the wallet - especially if you use air rather than helium. For air-filled balloons, start by creating an arch-shaped framework of PVC pipe. Next, attach clusters of four balloons to the pipe.

birthday balloons

With helium balloons, attach clusters of four balloons to a lightweight nylon cord weighted at each end; the helium in the balloons will suspend the cord into an arch. Whether you're using air or helium, you'll need to make sure all balloons are uniformly sized.

birthday balloons

To do so, make a template by cutting a hole in a piece of cardboard to use as a size checker. Plan on using six balloons for every foot of archway.

Balloon Curtain

balloon bouquet
birthday balloons
birthday balloons

Have guests make a dramatic entrance by pushing their way through a balloon curtain. Simply affix air-blown balloons to streamers or ribbons and hang them across doorways.

Balloon Centerpieces

balloon animals
penguin balloon animal
birthday balloons

Add a festive flair to tabletops by tying helium-filled balloons together with curled ribbon or lace, and weighting the base to create a bouquet balloon centerpiece.

More birthday party centerpiece ideas and balloon centerpieces.

Balloon Animals

Balloon animals make whimsical party decorations, and also serve as a great source of entertainment for children and the young at heart. Be sure to purchase balloons made specifically for twisting, such as 260s and 360s (choose 160s for smaller hands), and learn how to make balloon animals beforehand so you can demonstrate. Print out balloon animal instructions or make posters for your balloon animal station.

Don't let a latex sensitivity stand in the way of decorating with balloons fun! If you're allergic, opt for brightly colored origami birthday balloons instead. Have stacks of origami paper and instructions on hand for guests to create their own balloons, or pre-fold them and let your guests do the inflating. For outdoor fun, add a splash of water to the origami balloons and host a water balloon fight!

Birthday Party Supplies

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Birthday Phrases

Birthday Wishes

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Did you use regular latex balloons, or did you make origami balloons? Did you make an arch, a curtain, fill the room with them?

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