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Do you love to play with Elmo? This furry red monster on Sesame Street loves to play games.

He is 3 1/2 years old and loves bubbles and his fish, Dorothy. Some favorite Elmo games are Elmo says and Fish Fish Elmo (Duck Duck Goose). He also loves to play pin the nose on the Elmo.


Elmo loves his fish, Dorothy, and bubbles are a great way to break the ice at an Elmo party, to mimic the bubbles in her fishbowl. Each child gets a small container of bubbles when they arrive at the party.

Musical Chairs

This classic party game can be played with Sesame Street music.

Elmo Says

Who needs Simon when you've got Elmo! This game is just like Simon Says. Children have to copy the sounds and actions of the leader 'Elmo', but only if they say "Elmo says". Whoever copies something when the leader doesn't say "Elmo says" is out. The last child playing wins a prize.

Pin the Nose on the Elmo

Elmo is known for his big orange nose. You can easily make a Pin the Tail on the Donkey style game by drawing an Elmo figure on some poster board and cutting some noses out of construction paper or by using a large picture of Elmo and enough orange felt or paper circles so that everyone has a chance to play. Each child should be blindfolded and led in the direction of Elmo's picture. Whoever gets the nose closest to the nose in the picture wins a prize.

Fish, Fish, Elmo

This variation of Duck, Duck, Goose is a good game for active preschoolers. Duck, Duck, Goose becomes more exciting when you use these beloved characters' names. The birthday child starts out being it, while all others sit in a circle. Whoever the child is next to when they say "Elmo" has to chase them and if they are caught they have to be "it".

The best prizes for Elmo games are Elmo prizes. There are many options from small figurines and balls to shirts and stuffed animals featuring this furry red monster.

We hope you enjoy these Elmo birthday party ideas. Remember to take pictures! Even if you already have a bedroom full of Elmo dolls, fifteen Elmo DVDs, and an Elmo potty, an Elmo birthday party is sure to rock your youngster's world.

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